Evans Dedicated Systems

Transporting Liquid Energy for Over 111 Years

Founded in 1906, Evans Dedicated Systems is one of the oldest trucking companies in the Western U.S. Evans is a service provider for the major oil companies transporting petroleum products: Gasoline, Diesel, Ethanol, Transmix, Oil Additives and Lube Oil in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. We specialize in movement of fuels to service stations from its customers’ refineries and terminals. Evans Dedicated Systems is certified to transport general commodities between all points in the United States and is also permitted as a tank truck carrier between all points and places in California.  

Our History

In 1906, James H. Evans first began the operations of Evans Tank Line with only one hauling truck in Southern California. Soon, Evans was hauling crude oil, asphalt and road oils. Cleo Evans ( James' son), created the first method to allow outside carriers to deliver their products directly into service stations, known as “Volume Tender Rates”.

Our Present

Today, Evans Dedicated Systems, Inc. has expanded operations, adding terminals and capabilities, including hauling commodities. Certified to transport products anywhere in the U.S., Evans fleet travels over 9,000,000 miles and delivers over 120,000 loads per year, with our core business in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Our Future

They say that “History repeats itself”.  We believe that is very good news for Evans Dedicated Systems, Inc., who's  been in business for over 111 years. We’re dedicated to continue serving our customers with the highest standards of Service, Innovation, Safety, Reliability and Efficiency that define us for the next century and beyond.

Evans Terminal Locations

Serving California and the Southwest U.S.

Evans has 6 Strategic Terminals within the highly competitive driver markets of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Inland Empire, San Diego, and Phoenix/Yuma. 

Colton Terminal
571 W. Slover Ave.

Bloomington,CA  92316
Manager: Devin Kolstad

Long Beach Terminal
3605 E. Spring Street

Long Beach, CA  90806
Manager: Fernando Vega

Gardena Terminal
14700 S. Avalon Blvd.

Gardena, CA  90248
Manager: Mike Centers

San Diego Terminal
9950 San Diego Mission Rd. "E"

San Diego, CA  92108
Manager: Chris  Salinas

Phoenix Terminal
1401 S. 59th Ave. Ste G

Phoenix, AZ  85043
Manager: Junior Martinez

Yuma Terminal
51 E. 10th St. "B"

Yuma, AZ  85364
Manager: Junior Martinez 


P.O.Box 51300
Riverside, CA 92517

Email: info@evansdedicated.com

Phone 1(323) 999-1967

Evans Dedicated Systems (Evans) is no longer operating or in business.  There were banking situations that were not under Evans control resulting in the closure of the business without notice.  Since Evans was provided no notice there was not opportunity for Evans to notify its business associates.  We apologize for not being able to provide notification.  Evans is reviewing its options in regards to winding down the business.